Any reviews posted on are the opinions of the Strata Corporations current elected strata councils, and are highly subjective in nature. Strata Corporations are not obligated to post reviews and if they choose not to, any completed work will be considered positive, and will increase the rating to the benefit of the contractor/service provider. does not endorse any strata corporation opinion, or the opinions of companies using this site. reserves the right to delete any opinion for any reason whatsoever.

Starting the Review system

Each company registered with can begin its online reputation by sending references and examples to Upon receipt those references and examples they will be posted to that users account. This will in turn begin their online reputation rating, as more jobs are awarded and completed this rating will vary based on strata corporation review and evaluation.

Information used to post reviews

Reviews posted to will be expressed as council's opinion, and not of those specific individuals acting on behalf of the Strata Corporation. No personal information will be associated with any specific review posted by a strata corporation. will post the following information attached to each review

  • The Strata Corporation Name
  • Location of work performed

Review Process and Posting Guidelines evaluates each review and solely reserves the right to remove any review for any reason whatsoever. uses the following guidelines as an example of how we evaluate the reviews and determine whether or not it is suitable for posting. If the Strata Corporation decides to not post a review, then our 'motto' is "No News is Good News!" and the contractors rating will increase.

Those guidelines are:

  1. Work performed: Reviews should reflect the work posted or performed
  2. Contain substance: reviews should be at minimum 15 words in length, except in the simple case a strata corporation posts a "no comment" negative review.
  3. Be 'family-friendly': reviews should contain only 'family friendly' language
  4. Be of council's opinion: reviews should be the opinions of council and not of a specific individual.
  5. Be legal and non-infringing: reviews will not be posted that are illegal or become illegal. Those reasons can include:
    1. The strata corporations request to remove the review
    2. The review is under investigation. It will either go back up or if the poster cannot validate their review it will not be posted.
  6. Be un-biased: council reviews should be derived by individuals that are not associated with the service provider.
  7. Be non-commercial: Reviews should not contain any advertisement, personal information, company information, websites, or third party links or any kind.
  8. Written in English

Appealing a Review and Investigation

A company may appeal a review posted by a strata corporation which it will then be temporarily removed and investigated. will investigate the review to the best of its ability and by communication with the current members of council or their agent. After such communication if the opinions of council are consistent with the posting it will be re-posted and the appeal concluded.

Limitations on Appeal

A company may only appeal a review posted within 3 months of the post date of that review. will not investigate any reviews appealed after this 3 month time.