Our Privacy Policy

Welcome to StrataWork.ca privacy policy. By registering and using this site you acknowledge and agree to these privacy policy terms and conditions (“privacy Policy”), and consent that StrataWork.ca may collect, use, disclose, personal information and Limited Information (“Limited Information”) in accordance with these terms and as permitted or required by law. Stratawork.ca also reserves the right to modify or change this privacy policy without notice to you, and the privacy policy that is posted at time of you using the site are the current terms.


Limited Information: Meaning documents posted to a strata corporation account. For example; Strata Minutes, financials, owners lists, misc. documents, bylaws, contracts, management proposals, service provider quotations and estimates.

Dedication to privacy

StrataWork.ca is absolutely committed to maintaining a high level of privacy and confidentiality whether it’s personal information, company information, or Strata Corporation information.  These terms outline our commitment to privacy and confidentiality and are developed to be in accordance with current privacy laws and other legislation.

Scope of this policy

This policy pertains to personal or confidential information about an identifiable individual, and certain limited information uploaded, disclosed, or collected about companies or other legal entities. This policy does not impose any limitations on our collection or disclosure of contact information or registration information for any company, other legal entities and strata corporations if such information is posted to the site.

Purpose of Collection

Simply put, Stratawork.ca will collect information to (1) maintain or improve its services to its clients including information collected by our servers and computer pertaining to system resources and delivery of electronic services i.e. IP Addresses, O/S systems info, date and time, and any other info the system collects ,(2) ensure the site is functioning properly, (3) ensure no unlawful activity is being conducted within the site, (4) and to provide technical assistance for individuals using the site.


Stratawork.ca will obtain consent to collect, use, and disclose personal information, unless the information is already public knowledge, is needed to assist in a court proceeding or might compromise an investigation, or is needed by StrataWork.ca to obtain legal advice. Your consent can be implied, express, verbal, written, through electronic communication, or through inaction. (Meaning if we ask for your consent and you don’t reply with the use of the information.)

You acknowledge that you have obtained necessary authority or consent to post limited information relating to your respective companies or legal entities.

You may withdrawal consent at any time, except subject to certain legal, contractual or other obligations, by written and reasonable notice to StrataWork.ca. Upon receipt of notice StrataWork.ca will inform you of the consequences of withdrawal of consent and the effect it could have on the services it can perform for you, up to and including termination of services due to no authorization.

Personal Information Use and Limits on collection

StrataWork.ca will only collect information that is reasonably needed to perform the services advertised which you reasonably consent to. Use of this information is strictly for the operation of the site and will not be offered to any third party for any means other than what our services provide for. Any personal information used to make a business decision will only be kept as long as it is needed for necessary reference pertaining to the new service or business decision.

Limited Information Use and Limits on Collection

Stratawork.ca will only collect the limited information needed to perform the services advertised, which you reasonably consent to. Use of this information is strictly for the necessary operation of the site and will not be offered to any third party for any means other than what our services provide for.

Accuracy of Personal Information and Limited Information

Mostly accuracy of the information rests on the individual, but StrataWork.ca can update personal information if found to be inaccurate. StrataWork.ca will not be responsible for the accuracy of the Limited Information, nor will they attempt to correct limited information which they have been notified about being inaccurate. The accuracy of the Limited Information rests solely on the individual authorized users.

Safekeeping and Safeguarding Personal and Limited Information

StrataWork.ca will provide comparable levels of security of personal information and Limited Information under its control. StrataWork.ca will employ certain practices such as, (1) adherence and constant review of this privacy policy by its employees or individuals under contract by stratawork.ca (2) ensure up to date SSL security certificates, firewalls are in place, (3) private and secure access point requiring personal user name and passwords for individuals seeking information.

Please note that StrataWork.ca cannot assure the privacy and confidentiality of electronic information or electronic communication.


Access to Personal Information and Limited Information

Upon registration or invitation you have the right to access your personal and limited information available to you held by StrataWork.ca. This right to information is not transferable and cannot be extended to a third party without similar access privileges. Upon your request for information StrataWork.ca employees must confirm your identity and right to access before disclosing information.

Email Service Abuse Policy

Internet Abuse – Any type of Internet Abuse, including what is commonly referred to as Spam is strictly forbidden. 

Internet Abuse includes, but is not limited to the following:

-Sending a unsolicited chain letter or letters that market a product or service;

-Sending any unsolicited emailing’s exceeding five hundred (500) email recipients;

-Using the service in any manner so as to harass, threaten, abuse, embarrass, or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to any person or entity;

- Using the service in violation of the law, in aid of any unlawful act or to interfere with the use and operation of our network.


In the event of Internet Abuse event or complaint, the offending email account will be suspended and the Domain Admin will be notified. In the event, a second Internet Abuse event or complaint occurs within a period of thirty (30) days, the entire domain will be suspended and the Domain Admin will be notified.



If a complaint, comment, or discrepancy in legislation arises out of these terms please contact StrataWork.ca and we will be happy to assist you and resolve the issue to the best of our ability. Write to us at: clientcare@stratawork.ca . or WorkPoint Online Services 32759 Shuswap Crt. Abbotsford B.C. V2T 4Z4.