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Does the Strata Asset Account deliver documents to owners?
Yes, via email notification and login to the owner online account. Each Strata Corporation when registered receives an 'access code' that may be given to new owners, or existing owners wanting online access to documents. The owners may then register individually, and the President, Vice-President, and/or Agent may confirm and grant access to that owner. Once confirmed the owner may access recent minutes, financials, current bylaws&rules, update their contact information, view general property specs, access standard forms, and view notices/announcements posted by council and/or agent.
How does this benefit Strata Managers?
We give them affordable software to reduce their companies software and tech expense, we aim to reduce the time they spend managing council communication with our communication tools, and our contractor services tool aims to reduce the time it takes them to retrieve three quotes.
How does this benefit Contractors?
When a contractor completes a job through our contractor services tool and does a good job, the current council may post a testimonial of service about that contractor. That testimonial helps other councils know that the contractor is a good one and it helps the contractor get more work. So as we say to the contractors, "You focus on doing what you do best, and leave the relationship building to us!"
Does a Strata Asset Account meet all privacy and document safety requirements?
Yes. Document safety and security is established using our 256-bit encryption and 24hr automatic database back-up. So documents are never lost and are always kept safe. Privacy concerns are addressed by having an authorized users only list where the president, vice president, or managing agent may add or remove access to the account. StrataWork Employees are allowed to update personal information if asked by the individual and/or found to be inaccurate, but Limited information like minutes, financials, owners lists, etc. cannot be changed under any circumstances. Limited information may only be changed by those authorized users.
What happens to Strata Documents and information if the account is closed?
When the account is closed the account becomes inactive and no individual is able to access the account. The documents and information however remain on the account. If requested we will completely delete all documents and information from our database but dont recommend this because in the event of a total loss all uploaded documents may be retrieved by re-activating the account.
How far back will documents be kept on the account?
Currently there is no limit as to how long documents may be stored for. Some documents don't need to be kept for more then 8 years, while other documents like blue prints should be kept for the life of the asset. So currently its up to the authorized users to keep or delete them.
If I set up my strata clients on StrataWork do I or they have to pay for an account even if they don't have access?
Strata Managers must have their own active subscription. We have set up our invoicing to allow Strata Managers to store and upload all the documents to an associated strata asset account free of charge providing elected council members don't have access. If council members wish to have access to their account then either you may pay for them or they pay the subscription charge of 300+tax/year.
Your servers are located in the USA, does the patriot act give their government access to files without reason?
No. The US Government does not have unlimited unsupervised access to information, they need sufficient reason like an investigation or criminal activity, to be granted access. Also Amazon privacy policy confirms that they notify each client if there has been a request to view information by anyone other then the owners of the information. But on that note Strata Corporations do not engage in malicious or illegal activity and therefor should have no reason to be worried about this.
Is there a maximum number of agents I can have use this system?
No. You may have 3 or you may have 100, your strata manager account has the access controls so you can manage your agents, give them access to certain authorized strata accounts, and deny access if they no longer work for your company.
I have just opened my account, how do i set up my strata client accounts?
To set up your strata client accounts you must sign up for a strata corporation account and Invite Client Care Team to be the president. Once you do that we will complete the set up of the account and then your good to go! There is a way you may do this yourself but by adding us it is the easiest way. Also see Agent tutorial #5, as it explains the two methods of doing this.
How do I upload testimonials?
Your testimonials are directly related to your rating and therefor need to sent into Once we receive them we will attach them to your account as soon as possible and your star rating will commence.
How will I know if a job is waiting to be quoted?
When a Strata Corporation has put out the RFP, they select who sees that request. They have two choices they may post the work publicly for any registered contractor to quote or they may ask you directly using the private posting system. Either way our system notifies you by email and appears on your company home page.
The quotes that I upload, who is able to view those?
Only the authorized council members and or agent with access to the strata named in the job posting, may view your quote. Once a contractor is selected for the job either the awarded quote will be attached and remain on the system or the un-awarded quotes will be deleted.
My company doesn't seem to be showing up on the map when searched, what should i do?
There are a couple reasons this may occur. 1. Check to make sure you have listed your service areas under your company account profile. 2. ensure you update your professions and have listed all services and professions you perform. 3. Make sure no words are contained in your address like for example, 'suite 100' just put '#100'. Also remeber if you are still having troubles just give us a call and we can help you sort it out right then and there.
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