How it Works

A strata corporation signs up for an Asset account, this account is where all information get uploaded and stored for quick access and reference. Once the account is created the president invites elected council members and agents (if professionally managed) to join and contribute to this information.

Once invitations are accepted council members and agents can communicate with each other, all documents can be stored and shared, and council members can submit a job needing to be done for contractors to estimate or quote.

Agents can only get access to strata accounts if they register for a property manager account. Once registered senior managing agents can accept any strata invitation, control which agent manages which strata, and remove agents no longer with access to the system or strata.

When contractors register for an account, their account acts as an advertising tool, and a job board with recent job posts by strata corporations. Jobs are filtered by their skills and service area, and with a standard posting of job information, a contractor can attempt to quote with information given, seek more information, or simply determine that it's not worth quoting.

How Much is it?

Registered Users only pay for the services they use. Below is a list of current fees.

Account Registration Fee:

Account Registration Fees apply to any Strata Corporation, Strata Management Company, and Contractor subscribing to this service.

Contractor Service Fee: (In addition to registration fee)

Contractor Service Fee applies when a contractor/service provider is awarded work through our site.

Here are our current fees:

Account Registration Fee:

Open an account for only


*Note: accounts are billed once per year at $300/year. Service is free during Beta Testing Period. Full refunds apply to accounts cancelled within 2 months of service, after 2 month, a refund of the unused portion.

Contractor Services Fee:

Contractors pay only if you get awarded work!

2% of contract price, up to a maximum

$100/ per contract.

Strata Corporations


Personalized Private Online Account complete with:

  • Organizational and informational tools
  • Secure Document Sharing
  • Contractor services tool
  • Owners Portal and Login
  • Private Strata Email Address

Document Conversion Services

  • Ideal for Stratas who have years of paper records and have lost the digital file. We'll come to you and convert your files onsite to PDF format. Service is free to subscribing accounts. If account is cancelled within 6 months of document conversion service, a flat fee of $50 dollars will apply.

*Initially this service is only offered in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Surrey, Mission, Maple Ridge, Aldergrove, and White Rock. Must contact to arrange appointment.


General Asset Account benefits

  • Secure online resource for any revolving council members and agent.
  • Protection against total loss of data caused by fire or any other act of god, or human error.
  • Document conversion service to subscribing members
  • Educational and informational resources in a single spot.

Private Assets Account Benefits

  • Single point of communication with notification system for authorized members
  • Document Database for quick reference/upload
  • Research contractors and view testimonials of work performed for other strata corporations.
  • Assistance in finding smaller local qualified subscribing contractors.
  • Consistency tool for presidents retiring and passing on their duties.
  • Electronic resource for younger council members learning strata management.

Strata Property Managers


Personalized Private Online Account complete with:

  • Strata Information Access control point
  • Organizational and informational tools
  • Secure Document Sharing/Uploading
  • Contractor services tool


General Company Account Benefits

  • Business directory specifically for Strata corporations seeking management
  • Low cost software development to assist in reducing an agent's software and tech expense.
  • Instant access to documents and communication when acquiring new clients
  • Simple agent access control to client information

Private Company Account Benefits

  • Single point of communications with notification system for authorized members
  • Online Document database for easy document filing and reference
  • Assistance in obtaining three quotes for smaller jobs with as little time invested

Contractors/Service Providers


Personalized Private Online Account complete with:

  • Organizational and informational tools
  • Contractor Services Tool


General Company Account Benefits

  • Specified directory/advertising tool for the Strata Industry
  • Ability to expand service area with relative ease
  • Increased Brand recognition
  • Increased potential to quote work with less time invested

Private Company account benefits:

  • Simple employee access control for submitting quotes/service proposals.
  • Instant notifications when request for proposal becomes available
  • Notification communication after work has been awarded.
  • Ability to review general information and quote with as little time invested