Our Founding Passion

So we understand...
  1. the conflict that arises when council members are divided on management decisions, which lead to council conflict
  2. the conflict between councilors and agents when only one quote is obtained for work required, and the influence agents impress on hiring their preferred contractors
  3. the conflict that arises between council members and agents when agents are hired to help but their suggestions are not followed.
  4. the inconsistency in management from one council to the next that causes problems between owners and councils
So we believe ...
  1. That if all council members work from the same page with the same information it will help councilors understand each other and they will work together for a better run strata.
  2. That if we improve the way small jobs are being quoted we will improve the relationship between contractors and agents, all while improving the council and agent relationship.
  3. That if we can provide some software to keep agents business operating expenses low, they will be less stressed and ultimately serve their clients better.
  4. That if we create an ongoing history of any single asset it will assist in the long term management and prosperity of the owners of that asset.
So we have created ...
  1. A tool where all information stays with the asset and as council members, or agents, change the information stays the same.
  2. A tool where councilors can obtain three quotes with as little impact as possible to the contractors or agents servicing the industry.
  3. A tool that if a property manager want to deliver electronic tools they subscribe, and if a strata corporation want the benefit of receiving electronic tools they subscribe, spreading the cost of software services over the industry.
  4. A tool that will put into perspective the long term goals of the strata asset, and provide for a more stable and consistent management environment.

Company Introduction

As a company ...

As a company we are just getting going, and you may be wondering exactly what is StrataWork.ca? Initially we have launched as a software company, with our software platform. Except our mission statement touches on effective management, reducing stress on industry professionals, and also a claim to provide ongoing education. So where are we going? What are we doing? Are we a software company or an educator? Well we are both.

Our Company Vision

We envision ...

We envision an industry where Strata Corporations have all the tools they need to manage their assets effectively, and agents act primarily as advisory support and secondarily administrative support for navigating the act, legislation, hiring contractors, suggest appropriate action in civil matters, etc. We envision strata corporations having the tools to manage their asset regardless of whether they are professionally managed or not, and be as independent as possible, only to the extent of their experience and expertise.

Our Mission Statement

StrataWork.ca will ...

StrataWork.ca will provide industry leading services to encourage effective management of strata corporations, reduce stress on industry professionals, and continually educate individuals on regulations and industry changes.

Our Brand

If you are a member of StrataWork.ca we are ok that you display our logo on your property or business, and business marketing materials. We simply ask that you do not alter it in anyway, and by no means attach our logo to anything that may imply any sort of endorsement of a product or service. The pictures associated with our company are protected under copyright and may not be used under any circumstances.

The Logo

StrataWorks Logo

Currently our logo may only be used to express, your membership to our company, through your website, the front of your business or marketing materials, and/or strata property.

Logo Symbolism

Strata Corporations

Strata Corporations are illustrated as Dark Blue

Symbolic Meaning:
Calm, Confident, Stable, Relaxed, In control, empowered
Location Symbolism:
'Strata' is independent, in control. 'Working' together with agents and contractors

Strata Corporations

Management Companies are illustrated as LIGHT BLUE

Symbolic Meaning:
Relaxed, In control, Tranquil, Supportive, Understanding
Location Symbolism:
Overseer of 'strata work', Helping stratas work with contractors, Helping contractors work with stratas

Strata Corporations

Contractors are illustrated as Orange

Symbolic Meaning:
Happy, Working, Busy, Enthusiastic, In control
Location Symbolism:
Contractors working directly with Stratas, Contractors helping complete 'strata work'